The new Adora

The new Adora: Modern and convenient

Washing and drying has just got easier, more convenient and more aesthetically pleasing as this V-ZUG premium product has reached a new level in terms of design, ergonomics and functionality. The Adora washing machines and dryers have been completely redesigned and now have uniform control panels and a purist design.

The new design subtly and elegantly incorporates the V-ZUG logo and the name Adora, and the appliances have new control panels which are uniform across the whole range. They feature an ultra-modern TFT touch screen with an intuitive user interface, enabling you to find the programme you want quickly and easily. The unique swivel screen can be tilted up 45 degrees, which allows you to see it better and operate it ergonomically. Moreover, the uniform control panels make it easy to combine appliances.

Great lighting
Do you sometimes leave dark socks in the machine? From now on, you will be able to clearly see the interior of your machine since all new Adoras are equipped with LED drum lighting. This switches on automatically at the end of the programme, or can be activated manually.

The new Adoras are fitted with a Wi-Fi module as standard and can thus be networked easily and conveniently, giving you access to the digital world of V-ZUG Home. This saves you time, brings flexibility to household chores and keeps you in the loop at all times; simple status information and push notifications when the programme ends will make your everyday life easier. You can also use our app for things like adjusting OptiDos settings. 

Even more extras
Not only do they have an appealing new design, Adora appliances also incorporate the best technology and latest innovations in the field of washing and drying. The new appliances are even more efficient and eco-friendly while building on the technical achievements of previous generations. New functions and programmes such as OptiDos and FirstWash make household chores easier than ever and give you real added value, while our world-first DualDry technology opens up a whole new range of drying options for you.