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Product imageConvient storage drawer

Convient storage drawer

  • Art. no.: W31357

Product image-pair, DW-S, DI-SL, DW-F

-pair, DW-S, DI-SL, DW-F

... The activated charcoal filter cleans polluted cooking vapours and returns them to the room cleaned. The activated charcoal filter must be replaced regularly (approx. every 3 – 12 months). ...

  • Art. no.: H40438

Product imageLonglife chargoal filter mod. 150 for DF/DF-E/DF-S

Longlife chargoal filter mod. 150 for DF/DF-E/DF-S

... The models designed for recirculation mode can be fitted with a long-life filter. This long-life activated charcoal filter has a lifetime of around 3 years. They can be washed in the dishwasher and re ...

  • Art. no.: H42231

Product imageFixing washers (2 pcs per set)

Fixing washers (2 pcs per set)

... Fixing washers (2 pieces per set) for Adora / Adorina ...

  • Art. no.: 81131132

Product imageDescaling agent Steamer (0.5 L)

Descaling agent Steamer (0.5 L)

... The right descaler for your V-ZUG steamer (durgol - swiss steamer). Regular descaling (every 6 – 18 months, depending on the hardness of your water) prolongs the lifetime of your appliance. ...

  • Art. no.: B28005

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