An Asian Touch - featuring 100 top chefs based in Singapore

V-ZUG Singapore launches its first limited edition cookbook – “An Asian Touch”

Put together by 21 Singapore-based top chefs, the limited-edition cookbook, An Asian Touch features clever interpretations of perennial local favourites like chilli crab, beef rendang, tandoori chicken, and ayam pongteh. Avid home cooks seeking to tackle more challenging menus can try their hand at innovative creations from award-winning chef, Ryan Clift. As the global ambassador of V-ZUG and Culinary Director of V-Dining, Clift’s recipes are based on his 28-year culinary career and favourite functions from V-ZUG devices. When you recreate his recipes, you’ll surely marvel at the cooking consistency achieved by V-ZUG’s ovens.

An Asian Touch will be released in limited quantities. It is exclusively available to customers who are purchasing V-ZUG’s combi-steam or oven at V-ZUG Studio or V-ZUG Zugorama while stocks lasts. Existing customers who purchased through our kitchen partners are encouraged to register with V-ZUG their appliances models. If you would like to attend a cooking class (chargeable at $90) with our gourmet chefs, please email [email protected] .