V-ZUG wins prestigious Plus X Award 2014


V-ZUG wins prestigious Plus X Award 2014
Technology and innovation leader V-ZUG has won the prestigious X Award 2014 for the Most Innovative Brand in the product group covering large electrical appliances.

The award
The Plus X Award was inaugurated in Germany over ten years ago. Today, it is the most important competition in the world for the most innovative products, picking out manufacturers for the quality and innovation edge of their products. Innovation is the foundation for lasting success at any company, with consumers benefiting directly from the advances that are made as a result. The Plus X Award identifies precisely those innovations that make our life easier and more pleasant, while protecting the environment at the same time. The seal helps consumers make an informed buying decision by enabling them to quickly and easily identify the products are genuinely are innovative and top quality. This all means the high quality, premium household appliances from V-ZUG are acknowledged as being extremely innovative, ecologically sustainable and highly functional.

V-ZUG, the industry's most innovative brand
The jury of acknowledged, independent specialists for the Plux X Award, all of whom are renowned specialised journalists and industry personalities, picked out the best products of 2014. V-ZUG was named the Most Innovative Brand of the Year in the large electrical appliances product group. The award thus honours the innovative strength of V-ZUG on a global scale. Time and again, V-ZUG has succeeded in setting new standards with sophisticated solutions. This includes washing machines and dishwashers featuring heat pump technology that score the best efficiency figures for resource use. Also falling under this heading are the REFRESH-BUTLER fabric care system that removes folds and creases, and neutralises unpleasant odours, in suits and dresses, and the Combi-Steam XSL that brings the sous-vide cooking method to home kitchens with the Vacuisine function.

Top quality: V-ZUG, the Swiss craftsman among household appliances
V-ZUG craftsmanship has been producing authentic Swiss quality since 1913. The company has successfully established itself in the premium segment, where expectations regarding design and quality are the highest. It is possible for V-ZUG to meet these expectations because this goes right to the heart of the company. Today, the tools used in production are still made in-house, just like they were over a hundred years ago. Even though machinery has taken over or simplified some process steps, people still do the lion's share of the work: authentic Swiss craftsmanship indeed. Everything from the biggest machine down to the smallest part is checked across every stage in the process. The company's approach to production is away from mass-produced goods and towards premium products; V-ZUG accepts no compromises on quality.