Simple and intuitive controls

We have developed simple and intuitive controls for our induction and CookTop hobs. So you can sit back and concentrate on your cooking skills.

The premium option: a multilingual graphic display

Thanks to V-ZUG's new design with a slider control and graphic display, you can find the function you need quickly and simply. The clean, clear and attractive display keeps you up to date with what is happening on your hob. You can choose between German, English, French and Italian. A selection of our induction hobs are equipped with this state-of-the-art graphic display.

A practical, premium addition: Multiple and single slider control

The stand-alone hobs' controls (for induction and CookTop) have been adapted to reflect the needs of our modern age. You can adjust the power of your hob using controls just like on your smartphone. Choose from a range of attractive hobs equipped with a single slider or a multiple slider control. They all have one thing in common: simple and intuitive controls. With a multiple slider control solution, you will have a single slider for each cooking zone. The single slider control concept uses indirect operation; first you select the hob and then you use the slider to adjust the power. You can clean the controls while you are cooking without changing the power settings thanks to the special wipe protection button. All of our induction and CookTop hobs are fitted with a single or multiple slider control function.

Induction hobs with premium switch boxes and dials

If you would prefer to operate your induction hob with an external switch box instead of using the glass ceramic panel, we still have the ideal solution for you: with this solution, we have done away with all the complicated controls, making the appearance even cleaner and clearer. We have created hobs with a stripped-back, no-frills design. And our premium dials and mirror glass built-in control panel guarantee an exclusive look for every kitchen.

Multi-slider control

Graphic display

Single slider control