Multi-zone appliances

Multi-zone appliances meet individual food storage requirements.

Multi-zone appliances come with a classic cooling space and a freezer compartment, plus an additional cold store and/or bottom box. Thanks to the additional temperature zones, you can store food according to its temperature requirements, helping it to retain its nutrients, quality and freshness for much longer. If you value the importance of healthy nutrition but don't want to have to buy fresh produce every day, then a multi-zone appliance is the perfect product for you.

Fresh Control Zone

Professional cooling technology meeting the highest standards with temperatures of just above 0 °C. Drawers are equipped with continuous humidity control or readily regulated. Meat, fish, poultry and sausage products stay fresh significantly longer in low-humidity conditions (approx. 50%). The same is true for suitable vegetables, salad and herbs in high-humidity environments (up to 90%).


With temperatures around freezing and low humidity, the FreshBox creates the ideal conditions for storing cooked meat, fish, poultry and cold meat.