Winecooler SL & Winecooler 90 SL

Fine wines in a stylish setting – thanks to full integration, LED lighting and the SoftClose feature

The Winecooler SL gleams in the harmonious, exclusive V-ZUG design structure with genuine beech wood shelves. Thanks to its sophisticated mirror glass front, it blends perfectly into any kitchen.

The right temperature makes the difference

The pleasure derived from a wine depends primarily on its quality. That said, the choice of glass and above all the right pouring temperature also play a key role.

  • Champagne and sparkling wine: 5-7°C
  • Dry white wine: 8-10°C
  • Sweet rosé and white wine: 10-13°C
  • Light red wine: 14 - 16°C
  • Full-bodied red wine: 17-18°C

Maximum flexibility with two temperature zones

The two height-adjustable cooling zones for white and red wine can be set to exactly the right temperate independently of each other. The range is from 5 to 18°C.

Optimum integration

The height of the Winecooler 90 SL 60i
(recess of 906 mm) means that it combines perfectly with two other compact V-ZUG thermal appliances.

Winecooler UCSL

The under-counter winecooler 
The UCSL 60 model brings a sophisticated winecooler to the range, which is ideal for installation underneath a worktop. Another stunning feature is the full glass door without handles. Its fully extendable wooden shelves, two temperature zones, an activated charcoal filter, space for 34 bottles of wine, SoftClose and the TouchOpen function make this winecooler unique.


The handle-free glass door is easy to open with a gentle touch.

WineCooler V6000 Supreme

Our Supreme Line caters to every need when it comes to storing provisions. The CombiCooler V6000 Supreme, the Cooler V6000 Supreme, the Fridge V6000

Supreme and the WineCooler V6000 Supreme offer lots of space. The WineCooler V6000 is a cellar that preserves your prized collection in pristine condition, and at ideal drinking temperature. 


  • Twin temperature zones
  • Total capacity 341 l
  • Wine bottle capacity 72
  • Lighting LED
  • Circuit for permanent indoor illumination
  • Sabbath mode
  • Full-colour graphic display, touchscreen
  • TouchControl
  • Humidity control
  • Noise emissions 41 dB(A)