Conserving resources

Function: V-ZUG EcoManagement

Before every wash cycle, the V-ZUG EcoManagement system quickly displays the expected water and energy consumption on the appliance in a simple format. Once the programme has finished, the actual water and electricity consumption values (litres/kWh) are shown, along with other statistics.


V-ZUG OptiTime – delayed start saves energy by making the best use of the time available

OptiTime takes the conventional delayed start function and makes it intelligent. It automatically reduces energy requirements by making the best use of the time available. All fabrics are gently cleaned to perfection, only spending as much time as the programme requires in the suds. V-ZUG OptiTime is a valuable part of our commitment to protecting the environment.

V-ZUG AdoraWash – water and energy economy for partial loads

The water and energy economy feature for partial loads optimises water consumption for every wash cycle and is a standard function in all V-ZUG Adora washing machines. 

V-ZUG AdoraWash – adding extra items

It is possible to add extra laundry items to all V-ZUG Adora washing machines, whether they’ve fallen out of the basket, you’ve forgotten about them, or you just want to add more to the load.


  • It is possible to add laundry several minutes after the start of the wash programme. The time period varies according to the programme and can be seen at the lit-up door opening icon
  • Extra laundry added is still 100 % clean by the end of the programme