Conserving resources

EcoManagement: even more economical on request 
V-ZUG's EcoManagement function enables you to display how much energy and water your washing machine uses, as well as the projected consumption before you start a wash: with the Eco button, which can be selected with each programme, the programme will run for slightly longer but consumes less energy. With the Adora SLQ WP washing machine, you can even choose from a number of EcoHybrid settings depending on how much time you have. The highest EcoHybrid setting helps you to achieve record energy efficiency: you save up to 55 % more energy than a conventional washing machine. 

The various EcoHybrid stages
The Adora SLQ WP adapts itself to your wishes in terms of energy saving. The chart explains the various EcoHybrid stages using a 60°C programme.


OptiTime – the intelligent delayed start function
The OptiTime delayed start function is part of V-ZUG’s EcoManagement solution and is a feature in Adora washing machines and dryers worldwide. How does OptiTime work?: Place your laundry in the drum, select your desired washing programme and the OptiTime delayed start option along with your desired programme end time. A conventional delayed start function does not start the programme until absolutely necessary to make sure your washing is finished on time. OptiTime on the other hand starts the programme earlier and uses the time available to make sure your wash is longer and more environmentally friendly. By extending running with OptiTime, you achieve exactly the same result as a normal washing programme.

Partial load water and energy economy

In order to prevent excessive use of energy and water during every cycle, the sophisticated sensor system ensures that energy and water consumption are specifically adapted to the quantity and type of load. There is thus no problem washing smaller loads with the economical washing machines from V-ZUG.