V-ZUG hobs with ZoneFlex provide maximum flexibility

With conventional hobs, the induction coil dictates the position of the cooking zones. The round cooking zones can adapt to the saucepan's diameter up to their maximum diameter. Thanks to ZoneFlex, the new CookTop V4000 and CombiCookTop V4000 hobs provide more flexibility than this. Each cooking zone is fitted with four ZoneFlex induction coils. These automatically recognize the pan size and position, and connect to form a bridge with no manual intervention. So the cooking zone can be used as one large area for a casserole, or for two saucepans as usual. Thanks to the memory function, you can also move the pans around inside the cooking zone as required without losing the pre-set power level.  
Those who want even more flexibility will go for the FullFlex induction hob. This has no pre-defined cooking zones. Instead, up to 48 state-of-the-art inductors enable it to automatically detect the position and size of the cookware being used. This means you can have up to six pans at a time anywhere on the plate. Again, thanks to the memory function, you can move them around without losing their settings.