CombiMiwell by V-ZUG: Two all-rounders producing great results

V-ZUG has completely revamped its range of microwave ovens. The Miwell-Combi XSL is now joined by the CombiMiwell V4000 45, which has lots of useful functions and combination modes for heating and baking food. These include PizzaPlus, Defrost, Grill and Grill-forced convection, all producing excellent results. EasyCook and the Favourites button make operation particularly simple and intuitive. The CombiMiwell V2000 38 supplements the two existing Miwell-Combi HSL and Miwell HSL appliances. The 38 cm-high appliance has two operating modes: pure microwave operation and the combi mode grill-hot air with microwave. This combination gives foods such as lasagne and casseroles a lovely golden-brown top. With the Defrost function and the Favourites button, you can get optimum results and intuitive operation. Their mirror glass fronts in black or platinum and uniform control panels mean the new Excellence Line microwave ovens fit harmoniously into any kitchen, combining seamlessly with other appliances like steamers, ovens, automatic built-in coffee machines and WineCoolers.