Perforated cooking tray, 430 x 370 x 25mm


Article no. K40011

Cooking tray made of easy-to-clean chromium steel. Used to cook vegetables or defrost frozen items. Excess liquid and juice flows out through the holes. Recommended for use in combination with an unperforated cooking tray in order to prevent the cooking space becoming dirty and facilitate cleaning.

Perforated cooking tray, 430 x 370 x 25mm fits with the following models

Production period
Combair-Steam N 6061A2012 - 2015
Combair-Steam S 6063A2012 - 2015
Combair-Steam SE 60230102015 -
Combair-Steam SL 60230122015 -
Combi-Steam MSLQ 60230152015 -
Combair-Steam SL 60230132015 - 2021
Combair-Steam SL 60230702018 -
Combair-Steam SL 60230712018 -