Steam XSL

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Article no. 2302362002
EAN code 7630029417942
Controls TouchControl and adjusting knob
Standard width 60.0 cm
Standard height 45.0 cm
Front design Black glass
Handle Black designer handle
Cooking space stainless steel

Display and operation

Display Full-colour graphic display
Controls TouchControl and adjusting knob
Languages in display   de. en. fr. he. it. nl. ru. tr. uk. zh
Lighting Halogen
Number of lights 1
Electronic clock timer Yes

Steamer features

Premium Swiss Quality   Yes
Electronic Steam System (ESS)   Yes
Steaming accurate to the degree Yes
Climate sensor   Yes
Combined operation Steam cooker
Cooking space volume 51 l
EcoStandby   Yes
Temperature in steam mode (min.) 30 °C
Temperature in steam mode (max.) 100 °C

Service and interfaces

ZUG-eye Yes
Warranty 2 years

Accessories included

Product Quantity
Stainless steel tray unperforated, Amendment 2 (K40007) 1
Stainless steel tray perforated, Amendment 2 (K40008) 1
Baking tray "TopClean" 452 x 380 x 28 mm (K44005) 1
Wire shelf, Chrome-nickel steel for CST XSL, Amendment 2 (K44122) 1
Recipe book 'Magical Steaming' in English (Int.) (J23003923) 1
  • Pictogram forSteam 40 Steam 40  
  • Pictogram for80° steaming 80° steaming  
  • Pictogram for90° steaming 90° steaming  
  • Pictogram for100° steaming 100° steaming  
  • Pictogram forRegeneration Regeneration  
  • Pictogram forEasyCook EasyCook  

Other settings

User-controlled descaling   Yes

Technical data


Niche height 450 mm
Max. niche height 450 mm
Niche width 600 mm
Max. niche width 600 mm
Niche depth 550 mm
Appliance height 454 mm
Appliance width 596.7 mm
Appliance depth 567 mm
Depth of appliance when door is open 340.6 mm
Empty weight 36 kg


Type of connection (1) 230 V~
Frequency (1) 50 Hz
Connected loads (1) 3.7 kW
Fuse protection (1) 16 A
Plug type cable
Connection cable 1.8 m

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