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Article no. 3107263505
EAN code 7630029440605
Product category Hob
Standard width 90 cm
Front design BlackDesign
Frame DualDesign

Display and operation

Display Digital display
Slider control Yes
Operating time Yes
Button sound (on/off) Yes

Hob features

Hob category gas
Residual heat indicator Yes
Timer Yes
Restore function   Yes
Cooking zones 5
Power levels 9

Service and interfaces

Warranty 2 years
  • Pictogram forHeating function Heating function  
  • Pictogram forChildproof look Childproof look  
  • Pictogram forSafety package Safety package  
  • Pictogram forPan detection Pan detection  
  • Pictogram forPause button Pause button  
  • Pictogram forWarming function Warming function  
  • Pictogram forAutomatic warm-up function Automatic warm-up function  
  • Pictogram forCleaning lock Cleaning lock  
  • Pictogram forZone connection Zone connection  
  • Pictogram forMelt function Melt function  
  • Pictogram forSimmer function Simmer function  

Technical data


Cut-out height 8.5 mm
Cut-out radius 5 mm
Appliance height 171 mm
Appliance width 897 mm
Appliance depth 501 mm
Appliance corner radius 1.5 mm
Support size width 886 mm
Max. support size width 886 mm
Support size depth 490 mm
Max. support size depth 490 mm
Installation height when flush-fitted 98 mm
Installation height when surface-mounted 94 mm
Cut-out width when flush-mounted 903 mm
Cut-out width when surface-mounted 886 mm
Max. cut-out width when surface-mounted 886 mm
Cut-out depth when flush-mounted 507 mm
Cut-out depth when surface-mounted 490 mm
Max. cut-out depth when surface-mounted 490 mm
Empty weight 21.8 kg
Cooking zone 1 position central, left-aligned
Cooking zone 2 position front, centre
Cooking zone 3 position rear, centre
Cooking zone 4 position rear right
Cooking zone 5 position front right


Cooking zone 1 max. power 6000 W
Cooking zone 2 max. power 1750 W
Cooking zone 3 max. power 1750 W
Cooking zone 4 max. power 3000 W
Cooking zone 5 max. power 1000 W
Type of connection (1) 220-240 V~
Frequency (1) 50-60 Hz
Connected loads (1) 0.02 kW
Fuse protection (1) 3 A
Plug type cable

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