The AdoraDry V6000 redefines the way users dry their laundry by offering maximum comfort and convenience. In addition, it meets the highest sustainability standards whilst remaining both fast and near silent.

Designs available

  • White

  • Intelligent drying made in Switzerland

    The dryers are developed, engineered and manufactured at our plant in Zug. They are designed to be as intelligent as possible, with innovative programs and sensors ensuring excellent drying results and laundry care. At the same time, its efficiency and low energy consumption make it a smart and sustainable choice.
  • Smart and sustainable

    The Adora tumble dryers are a great energy-efficient option for drying at home. The dryers combine advanced heat-pump technology with the intelligent EcoManagement function. It gives users a detailed overview of the appliance’s energy consumption and even shows the projected energy consumption before the start of a program.
  • Gentle care for a long garment life

    The V-ZUG special care drum is particularly gentle on the garments, prevents fabric damage and protects textiles in every drying cycle. The warm airflow evenly and effectively dries clothes, reduces wrinkles and leaves them in excellent condition. Garments will be thoroughly dry, less creased and softer.
  • Fabric programs

    Optimum care for any fabric

    The AdoraDry V6000 expands the basic set of drying programs with a variety of additional programs – among them, Fluffing, Hygiene and WetClean.

  • Connectivity

    V-ZUG app

    Adora models feature WiFi connectivity. This allows the appliance to send notifications to the user about the status of the current program and more.


Other settings

Down programme