Active Aquastop

This stops water getting in when the appliance has a fault. It is supplied as standard in all AdoraWash and AdorinaWash appliances as part of the scope of delivery.

Anti-leak protection

If water gets into the collecting basin, the drain pump starts automatically and activates Aquastop, stopping water from leaking out of the appliance. This protective measure is featured in all V-ZUG AdoraWash and Unimatic washing machines.

Foam monitoring

V-ZUG washing machines recognise and effectively counteract excessive foam build-up in the drum by performing an additional rinse cycle.

Hygiene recommendation

Washing machines can start to develop an unpleasant odour if they are regularly run at low wash temperatures. V-ZUG AdoraWash appliances make you aware of this risk using the hygiene recommendation function. If odours do occur, the appliance hygiene programme removes germs and bacteria quickly and permanently from the appliance. Alternatively, you can start a normal wash programme with a minimum temperature of 60 °C. 

Childproof lock

The childproof lock is integrated into all V-ZUG washing machines as standard. It stops children switching on the appliance by accident.

V-ZUG base plate/V-ZUG stacking kit

A stacking kit for floor installation or for connecting appliances is supplied as part of the scope of delivery for all V-ZUG AdoraWash and AdoraDry appliances.


  • Perfect support for the washing machine or tumble dryer
  • Simple installation of the appliances, either next to each other or stacked 
  • Appliances are fixed using screws or adhesive
  • Uniform look and discreet installation