Foodie Coach for sustainable consumption

The environment and healthy eating are two key areas we focus on when it comes to our customers. This is why we released our V-Kitchen app. Offering plenty of tasty, sustainable recipes and fun facts, we help our users to be mindful about what they consume and prepare more varied dishes at home.

V-Kitchen is a gateway to sustainable eating at home: “The Foodie Coach app is designed to inspire users to make healthy, seasonal dishes. At the same time, they take more mindful decisions regarding the ingredients they use, which indirectly helps to reduce food waste,” states Thomas Schärli, Head of Business Ecosystems & Content Strategy V-Kitchen. What makes V-Kitchen stand out from other apps? Designed for smartphones, it combines shopping lists with more than a thousand recipes – sometimes with facts about climate-friendly nutrition from Eaternity – as well as a weekly food planner and household tips. It couldn’t be easier to use either. Meanwhile, personal posts from the user community help others to vary what they eat and be sustainable in their consumption habits.

Recipes from Annemarie Wildeisen and Marcel Paa

Launched in February 2021, V-Kitchen now has more than 7,000 active users and has recorded more than 30,000 downloads. We are working with well-known Swiss personalities to ensure the very best content on culinary creations, nutrition and sustainability. The app has contributions from Annemarie Wildeisen and YouTube star Marcel Paa as well as highlights from “Cooking for less than 5 Swiss Francs”. Then there is “Tiptopf”, which exclusively releases its digital recipes on V-Kitchen. The content published on superfoods and a climate-friendly week were the most-read articles in 2021. “In future, we want to hear more about how our V-Kitchen community is using our products and services,” states Schärli. This is the only way we can better meet our responsibility regarding how our appliances are used – and do more good for the environment.

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Information concerning the measurable aspects of our activities can be found in the detailed report.