The innovative V-ZUG CombiCooler

New-generation cooling: The innovative V-ZUG CombiCooler

Made in Switzerland and incorporating the innovative PureCool technology, the new CombiCooler V4000 is spacious and will keep everything beautifully cool. The brilliant MonoFridge function turns the freezer compartment into a normal refrigeration section in just a few hours – so you can decide how you want to use your CombiCooler.

Thanks to a unique refrigeration circuit, PureCool technology delivers cutting-edge cooling innovations. Incorporating this technology, the CombiCooler V4000 has even achieved an A+++ -10% rating, making it one of the most energy-efficient fridges on the market.

Two become one
Are you planning a party and want to refrigerate as many drinks as possible? Or do you only really need the freezer compartment in the summer for ice cubes and ice cream? Perhaps you are renting a place with a CombiCooler and you don't actually need a freezer compartment at all? Then you can use the MonoFridge function, which is like waving a magic wand to turn the freezer compartment into a normal refrigeration section within just a few hours – giving you even more space for your fresh groceries. 

No defrosting – no ice buildup
The NoFrost feature saves you the tedious job of defrosting the freezer compartment, while ClimateControl stops any ice building up at the back of the refrigeration section. Your food is also kept optimally fresh thanks to minimized temperature differences and reduced humidity.

Even more convenient

To top it all off, this brilliant appliance is extremely user friendly, incorporating an innovative ClickShelf system that makes changing shelf heights even easier because they simply click into place. What’s more, for only a small increase in the amount of electricity used, you can switch on the SilentPlus mode to reduce noise to a minimum.

Network ready
Your CombiCooler is fitted with a Wi-Fi module as standard, so you can network your appliances with ease and benefit from the many advantages of V-ZUG Home. When you first start up your appliance, you will be taken on an interactive tour of how your fridge works and you can input the initial settings effortlessly. The app will help you with the everyday operation of your fridge and send you handy tips, and you can easily switch special functions on and off, such as SilentMode or fast cooling. And a particularly useful feature: the app will tell you if the fridge door is not shut correctly.