Household appliances from V-ZUG: Premium Swiss Quality

Made for life   

Switzerland is a small country with big ideas – as demonstrated by the household appliances from V-ZUG, a company steeped in tradition. As stylish as a piece of furniture, child's play to use, radically energy-efficient and of such high quality and functionality that even professionals choose to work with them – we bet you've never before derived so much pleasure from an oven or washing machine.

The Swiss are accessible and helpful, hard-working and efficient; they are good-looking, loyal souls that care a lot about nature. And that's only the household appliances! But joking aside: it's no coincidence that "Swiss Made" has become a sought-after attribute around the globe. Swiss engineers and their products enjoy a legendary reputation – rightly so, as V-ZUG, a specialist in household appliances, has been demonstrating for more than a century. The company, which was founded in 1913 and remains a family business to this day, is a leading developer and manufacturer of premium appliances for kitchen and laundry room. Over four million V-ZUG appliances are currently in use in Switzerland alone. And although the company does not offer a special professional line, many of its kitchen appliances are to be found in Michelin-starred restaurants. For example, Andreas Caminada, one of the world's 50 best chefs, puts his trust in equipment made by this Swiss company of long-standing tradition.

From family business to high-tech company
A love of innovation is a constant thread running through the history of the company, which began life as "Verzinkerei Zug AG", with just 39 employees, making galvanized buckets, sinks and pitchers. But things didn't stay that way for long. As early as 1920, the company introduced a hand-operated drum washing machine. At the end of the 1940s, it made a quantum leap by developing the first small electric washing machine for private households – appropriately named the "Tempo". The range was expanded over the following decades to include tumble dryers and dishwashers, and in 1976 the company merged with Metallwarenfabrik Zug, at that time the market leader for stoves and ovens. And so the former skilled craft enterprise became a high-tech company that now employs 1400 people and equips discerning customers with household aids ranging from combi-steamers to warming drawers and wine cabinets to coffee centers.

Around 20 new patents each year
The overwhelming majority of products are manufactured in Switzerland. "Premium Swiss Quality" is therefore the benchmark by which V-ZUG judges every single appliance. And that covers much more than mere functionality. After all, if we're being honest, the fact that a device will work properly is something Swiss engineers take for granted. They are only truly happy when their creations are also elegant to look at, intuitive to operate and good for the environment. Like the Combi-Steam for example: the latest generation of this V-ZUG showpiece can be completely controlled via a multicoloured touch-screen display. The built-in booster function speeds up the cooking time and saves energy. And with its stylish glass front and retractable handle, this kitchen friend would not look out of place in the living room. The list of innovations could go on indefinitely: from the gentle Vacuisine sous-vide cooking method, to the dishwasher with SteamFinish that puts an end to detergent residues using pure steam, to the washing machine with sustainable heat pump technology. When you fall in love with a V-ZUG appliance, you fall in love for ever: some spare parts warranties apply for up to 17 years – if you ever happen to need a spare part!