Low-maintenance design – simple exterior cleaning

The minimalist design of the Excellence Line has more than just aesthetic appeal and ergonomics in mind – it's also made for effortless cleaning. The Excellence Line ovens are fitted with a smooth front without any controls. V6000 appliances are even available with retractable handles if desired – thanks to AutoDoor, the first appliance door that not only opens, but also closes automatically. If you select the model without a handle, the appliance does not have a single protruding element and is therefore completely flat. Handles in models that include them are made of one piece, which prevents any build-up of dirt in corners.

The appliance door of all of our ovens can be removed to make cleaning simple. If the appliance is particularly dirty, the glass can even be removed once the door has been taken off and carefully cleaned.  

The easy process of removing the door and support grates also provides unimpeded access to the interior space of the appliances. The bottom heat of all our ovens is located underneath the base of the cooking space, which makes cleaning significantly easier.

Simple cleaning of the cooking space: by hand or automatically, as you wish

Robust thanks to brilliant enamel
The ovens are fitted with brilliant enamel as standard. This flat and durable coating is very low-maintenance and long-lasting.

TopClean: simplified cleaning thanks to non-stick coating
Appliances with the high-tech TopClean surface are even easier to clean, as less residue sticks in the cooking space or on the surface. TopClean is standard on all appliances with convenience level V4000 or above.

Pyrolytic self-cleaning: next to no effort required
Ovens with pyrolytic features practically clean themselves: dirt is converted into ash by the special pyrolytic self-cleaning programme, which heats the cooking space to extremely high temperatures. The ash can then be wiped away with a damp cloth. Pyrolytic self-cleaning is available as an option in all appliances in convenience level V4000 or above.