Vegetable soup

with roasted root vegetables


30 minutes

Cooking time

25 minutes



Root vegetables

600 g root vegetables (e.g. beetroot, carrots, celery or Jerusalem artichoke)

2 shallots


800 ml water

100 g butter

100 g crème fraîche

100 ml cream

1 tbsp salt

Some pepper

Some lemon juice


Some edible flowers

Some black sesame seeds

Some olive oil

Root vegetables

Preheat the cooking space to 230 °C using the hot air with steaming mode.

Top, tail and peel the vegetables and cut into about 2 cm chunks. Peel and quarter the shallots.

Place together on a lined baking tray and roast in the middle shelf position for 25 minutes.


Bring all the ingredients up to and including the salt to the boil in a pan and season with pepper and lemon juice to taste. Add the root vegetables and shallots and purée to make a creamy soup.


Serve the soup in deep soup bowls and garnish with edible flowers, black sesame seeds or olive oil.

Cooking steps

(Pre-)heat cooking space to 230 °C with Hot air + steaming

Preheating finished. Put the food in.

Hot air + steaming 230 °C for 25 Mins


Pumpkin can be used in place of root vegetables, according to taste.

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