An unparalleled cooking experience with FullFlex

Do you enjoy having unlimited flexibility? If so, you’ll love the FullFlex induction hob, as it does away entirely with specified cooking zones. Thanks to its state-of-the-art inductors, it is able to automatically detect the position and size of the cookware used. The FullFlex hob is now also available in a width of 70 cm. The hob can accommodate up to five pots and pans in any position on its glass ceramic panel, and thanks to the memory function, you can even move them around. The hob also boasts a large full-colour graphic display with intuitive touch operation, giving you all of the information you need at a glance. Functions such as AutoPowerPlus and Teppan Yaki make your life easier and transform time spent cooking into an experience you’ll look forward to.

FullFlex highlights

  • 48 inductors automatically recognise the position and size of the pans
  • Full-colour graphic display
  • AutoPowerPlus
  • Now also available in black

Plus X Award

The Plus X Award is the world’s leading innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle. It recognizes brands for the superior quality and innovative edge of their products.

An expert panel of representatives from various sectors awards seals of approval in the following categories: innovation, design, high quality, comfort of use, functions, ergonomics and ecology. The approach of the Plus X Award is a unique one: in contrast to many of its rivals who see themselves mainly as design awards, the Plus X Award follows a more sophisticated approach with its seven seals of approval. The Plus X Award seals of approval are therefore not just a benchmark for outstanding products but also a strong indicator of overall brand quality.