Combair V6000

The Combair V6000 is an exceptionally powerful oven designed to achieve outstanding results. Equipped with convenient automatic cooking functions and exclusive options, the elegant appliance is fast, efficient, easy to clean and beautiful.

Combair V4000

As an ideal complement to the steamer, the Combair V4000 features all the functions required to achieve high-level results in the kitchen. Additional technology assistance simplifies the cooking process.

Combair V2000

The Combair V2000 is a sleek oven enhancing the cooking experience with various operating modes and precise, even heat. It features an additional hot air humid function for optimum moisture retention and extra-succulent results.

CombairSteamer V6000

This full-fledged oven, complemented by gentle steaming techniques and automatic programs provides a unique baking and grilling experience.

CombairSteamer V2000

The CombairSteamer V2000 combines classic baking and steaming functions for easy-to-achieve food preparation and great results.
  • Perfect texture inside and out

    Even heat distribution, multiple operating modes and precise temperature control allow home chefs to achieve results they can be proud of. Humidity control enhances the baking or roasting process, ensuring a crispy crust on the outside and a perfectly moist or airy texture on the inside.
  • A balance of aesthetics and function

    V-ZUG’s oven collection is the result of many years of experience in developing advanced cooking and steaming technology. The appliances feature powerful and automated cooking functions complemented by Swiss minimalist design.
  • A user experience both intelligent and intuitive

    The CircleSlider and expansive user interface of V-ZUG’s ovens revolutionise the user experience of the Excellence Line products. It is quick, intuitive and customisable to personal preferences. In short: a user experience that impresses.