Troubleshooting – we are here to help

If your appliance experiences issues or generates an error message or code, you are guaranteed to receive the help that you need. Simply select your preferred contact option.

  • Phone support +961 1 252444

Identify your appliance

Use the serial number of your appliance to find the operating instructions and other information about the appliance which could be helpful in the event of malfunctions or other issues.

Serial number

Checklist for fault detection

Some appliance problems can be fixed without the need for repair. There might be a quick and easy solution to the issue at hand. Our checklist for fault detection helps you identify the potential cause of the malfunction.

  • Have you switched on the appliance correctly?

  • Is it plugged in?

  • Is the power on?

  • Have you checked the breaker or fuse?

  • Is the water tap open on your washing machine?

  • Does the filter or foreign object trap require cleaning?

  • Please also refer to the troubleshooting section of the instruction manual.