The new V-ZUG Advanced Line ovens

Functional, robust and appealing: The new V-ZUG Advanced Line ovens

This new range of ovens – sophisticated, easy to use and produced in Zug – are reliable appliances that feature outstanding quality and modern design. There are three product versions and three design variations to choose from, giving you even more precise results and fitting perfectly with your existing kitchen.

V-ZUG has completely redeveloped these ovens, improving their quality even further and equipping the appliances in the new range with modern technology. The newly developed ovens in the entry-level segment will meet all requirements as standard and make your kitchen even more perfect.

Three convenience levels
With Advanced Line appliances, there are three convenience levels to choose from: V200, V400 and V600. The Combair V200 is a convenient entry-level product, while the Combair V600 offers the highest specification of the Advanced Line products. The main differences between the convenience levels are the available features, but what they all have in common is their modern design. Thanks to the incorporation of the latest technology, these appliances are hugely improved in terms of quality, which for you means more enjoyment when cooking and even more precise results from your oven.

Simple and easily operable controls
The controls on the new range are simple, intuitive and modern. The new shape of the rotary encoder makes programming the appliances even easier for you, and you can also opt to add robust fully extending runners to your oven which slide out completely – making cooking convenient and ergonomic.

Streamlining for better aesthetics
Timeless, purist and modern – these are the design attributes of the new Advanced Line, with the subtle combination of polished and matt surfaces significantly improving the aesthetic appearance of the appliances. The new design is also available in three colours: black, white and chrome. These new colour options mean your new oven will fit in perfectly with your existing kitchen, and for even more perfect integration, the panel heights for installation in upper/lower units are different, so it will go beautifully with your other kitchen appliances.

Eco-friendly oven usage
Do you want to save energy but without a reduction in the quality of what you cook? The new hot air eco and top/bottom heat eco features on the Combair V600 achieve exactly that and are particularly suitable for cooking stews, saving you energy while achieving perfect results.

The appliances are network ready as standard, offering you dozens of advantages. For example, you can receive information on the status of your appliance, i.e. if it is off or on, and when you set a delayed timer the app shows the remaining cooking time and the end time.
All this information is sent conveniently to your smartphone.