Salone del Mobile | EuroCucina 2022

During the 2022 edition of the Milano Design Week
V-ZUG explored the topic of circularity as part
of the programme “Closing the Circle”.
Through different activities in the city and the fair,
alongside architects, designers, chefs and
artists, we shared our vision of a circular future
and introduced our innovations and
“design for circularity” approach.

“Closing the Circle”

At V-ZUG, we feel great
responsibility for everything we do. 

From the resources we employ to the
products we design and manufacture, including
how they are used and ultimately disposed of.

We care about the idea of the future we are
helping to shape, day in day out, and are
committed to closing the circle.

 Italian architect and designer Elisa Ossino
designed our stand inspired by this vision. 

An installation at the centre, conceived
by the artist Stefano Roveda and the sound
designer Stefano Messina, invites contemplation.
Acting as a living micro-environment, it reflects
on the harmonious relationship between 
technology and nature.

EuroCucina 2022

Visitors experienced our world and discovered our
atest innovations and appliances at our
immersive stand designed by Elisa Ossino,
while an exclusive installation represented our
vision of the circular economy.


A taste of V-ZUG at the H+O Apartment Gallery

Italian designer and architect
Elisa Ossino welcomed V-ZUG to the
H+O Apartment Gallery in Milano, as part
of this year's exhibition ‘Inside Looking Out’.
Curators Elisa Ossino and Josephine
Akvama Hoffmeyer selected arts and crafts,
together with contemporary objects and iconic
furniture that transformed the 18th-century apartment
gallery into a work of art. In the kitchen, where
modern technology merged with traditional
knowledge, a team of professional chefs from
our Gourmet Academy were present every day,
offering the guests a sensorial experience
through seasonal hors-d’oeuvres.


“Closing the Circle” at the V-ZUG x Monocle Talks

At the V-ZUG x Monocle Talks hosted by
Tyler Brûlé and Andrew Tuck in the venerable
Teatro Gerolamo, we welcomed prominent
figures in the design industry such as
Ilse Crawford, Sabine Marcelis, Frederik Werner
and Nada Debs. With the theme "Closing the Circle",
exciting discussions emerged on how we can
ensure a better quality of life through intelligent
design and circular solutions.


“Design in Australia. Inspired by the World.”
Hosted by V-ZUG and Habitus

At our Australian talks with Habitus
we hosted a conversation with members
of the Australian design community,
alongside their European colleagues, on how
inspirations from afar have influenced today’s
Australian design.