FAQ Refrigerator


What different types of fridges are available?

There are refrigerators with or without an internal freezer compartment, pure freezers, refrigerator/freezer combinations, and wine coolers. Under-counter refrigerators are fitted underneath worktops in studio apartments or small flats. Conventional refrigerators are integrated into tall cupboards. These are available as fully integrated versions as well as in White or Nero. The real colossus of the refrigerator world comes in the form of the FoodCenter, whose features even include an ice maker for ice cubes, crushed ice or iced water in addition to a gigantic refrigerator compartment. We also offer luxury refrigerators and freezers in the Supreme line, whose sheer space and flexibility make them ideal for stocking up. 

Are there fridges with an integrated icemaker?

The FoodCenter, CombiCooler Supreme and the Freezer Supreme (appliances in the Supreme line are only available in selected markets) are all equipped with an ice maker, which can dispense ice cubes, crushed ice or iced water. Perfect for cocktail parties! 

What is the most economic way to use a refrigerator?

Minimise your energy consumption and costs by defrosting your refrigerator regularly, positioning it in a cool place, not on the balcony, letting warm food cool down before placing it in the fridge and tightly covering liquids such as sauces.

How can I keep meat, fish and sausages fresh for a longer period of time?

The FreshControl Zone provides the optimum conditions for storing meat, fish, poultry and sausages for longer at temperatures around freezing point, meaning you can enjoy fresh food without having to go out shopping every day. Often referred to as the 0-degree zone, the FreshControl Zone is perfect for this when humidity is low.

How can I safely place big bottles in the fridge?

Certain appliances feature a bottom compartment complete with bottle drawer, which offers vertical storage for many large bottles in a handy removable basket. A bottle rack for horizontal storage is also available in certain models.

How can I place bulkier items in the fridge?

The break-proof glass shelves are height-adjustable, which means you can make space for larger items in your fridge. Some models have perfected the art of space saving: they feature divided shelves whose front half can be pushed towards the back of the fridge to free space for tall items on the bottom shelf.

How can I ensure maximum hygiene in my fridge?

An innovative synthetic material improves hygiene by significantly impeding the growth and spread of micro-organisms on the inside walls and door of your fridge.

What is the best way to keep vegetables fresh?

The 0°C zone (at high humidity) provides the ideal climate to double the storage time of fresh vegetables, salad and herbs.

Is there anything in particular to consider when planning to fit a FoodCenter fridge in my kitchen?

You'll need a dedicated water connection to use the FoodCenter's ice cube dispenser.

What is the energy saving potential of a modern refrigerator?

Under the new energy efficiency rating system, which comes into force on 1 March 2021, our CombiCoolers are in energy efficiency class C. 
This makes them our most energy-efficient refrigerators. Their long operating life also helps to save operating costs and resources.


Why are the fridges fitted with LED spotlights?

A new lighting concept using modern, high-grade LED spotlights integrated in the side panels ensures effective illumination even when the fridge is full.

What is the ClickShelf system?

Our new CombiCooler generation offers an innovative ClickShelf rack system, which allows you to adjust the height of your racks easily with one hand and make full use of the width at the front when storing your food.

What is the purpose of the bottle drawer with removable drinks basket?

This additional cooling zone offers storage room for beverages at a pleasant drinking temperature. The extractable bottle drawer running on rails is particularly convenient. It contains a removable basket with space for six bottles. Its somewhat higher temperature makes this bottom compartment ideal for cold-sensitive food such as potatoes and exotic fruit.

Is there enough space to put a 2-litre PET bottle in the fridge?

Even 2-litre bottles can be stored easily and securely.

What exactly is dynamic circulation cooling?

Dynamic circulation cooling ensures an even distribution and circulation of cool air in a large cooling space. This means more flexibility in placing food in the cooling space, as well as shorter cooling times.

Why do I need the quick-cool/quick-freeze function?

Food freshly stored in the cooling or freezing compartment can be cooled quickly and gently using the fast cool or fast freeze function.

Why do I need the holiday function?

With appliances featuring separate temperature control, the holiday function can be used to switch off the fridge compartment while the freezer remains in operation. This is recommended to increase energy efficiency when you're away for longer periods of time.

Why does the wine cooler feature two temperature zones?

The two cooling zones are vertically adjustable and can be set to two different precise temperatures suitable for white and red wine, respectively. Available temperatures range from 5 to 18°C.

Why do I need the Indoor Ice System (IDI)?

The IDI is a convenient way of dispensing ice cubes, ice chips and ice water. The sensor-controlled ice cube maker automatically provides the correct amount. The IDI is integrated into the fridge door instead of the freezer, which means you gain 20% of freezer space.

What is the purpose of the NoFrost technology built into FoodCenter models?

NoFrost technology means you'll never have to manually defrost your fridge again. All of our FoodCenter models are fitted with NoFrost technology, which means they defrost automatically at regular intervals.

Which colours are available for refrigerator front panels?

The refrigerators can be supplied with White or Nero fronts. It is also possible to attach your own fronting in order to integrate the refrigerator into your kitchen.

Are there any refrigerators with multiple temperature zones and what advantages do they offer?

Some of our refrigerators feature three different temperature zones. In addition to the freezer compartment and the main refrigerator compartment, the Magnum 2 60i and Cooltronic 60i eco refrigerators, for example, also offer a cold storage compartment with infinitely variable humidity control (0-degree zone), in which food stays fresh up to three times longer. The Noblesse 60i eco and the DeLuxe 60i both feature a bottom compartment complete with bottle drawer (8–12°C) in which food that is sensitive to the cold (such as potatoes) can be stored at a mild temperature and drinks can be kept at a pleasant drinking temperature. These different temperature zones offer the greatest possible flexibility.

What is meant by MonoFridge mode?

With MonoFridge, you can transform the freezer compartment into a standard refrigerator in just a few hours, freeing up even more space for fresh food.