Premium design and Swiss quality
The majority of our refrigerators are fully integrated appliances: the front section is panelled using your kitchen unit design, helping the appliance to blend elegantly into the background. The stunning interior of the latest refrigerators and freezers features elegant chrome steel rack covers, black panels, convenient rails and high-quality smoked-glass-effect plastic containers.

Energy-saving LED lighting ensures optimal illumination and visibility of the inside of the transparent compartments. Brushed stainless steel door trays in the Prestige and chrome-plated rack rims in our most energy-efficient appliances add a beautiful touch to the refrigerators' interior.

Controls and functions for cutting-edge cooling technology
Sophisticated electronics with a digital display guarantee easy operation and the ideal overview of the temperature selected and the functions activated.  

The ultimate in practical and flexible equipment
Our refrigerators offer you plenty of flexibility for your own customised layout: with the smart rack system, the shelves are quick to adjust, and can also be removed and reinserted again for cleaning. The racks are simply clicked into place using latches in the side walls. Thanks to shorter racks and separating racks, there is plenty of space even for larger items. For added flexibility, you can choose from an array of accessories for your refrigerator.

Simple and convenient – LED lighting
The modern lighting concept with high-quality LED lights distribute the light perfectly throughout the refrigerator, even when it has a full load – and across all temperature zones right down to the bottom box.