The advantages of Vacuisine


  • Easy preparation
  • You can get on with something else while the food is cooking – perfect when you have guests visiting
  • Relaxed cooking
  • Nothing to burn or boil over
  • Fuller flavours
  • Food does not dry out, is more succulent
  • Meat and fish are unbelievably tender
  • Success guaranteed when roasting meat
  • The food retains its texture, colour and nutrients 
  • Low oxidation, meaning food can be kept longer
  • Less seasoning required
  • No food odours in the kitchen or home


What makes Vacuisine so revolutionary?

When ingredients are vacuum-sealed, the food is protected by a tight plastic film. This protective film perfectly preserves the natural flavour and attractive colour of the steam-prepared food. As well as being a treat for the senses, Vacuisine is also good for the health. Gentle cooking under a vacuum helps to preserve the nutritious properties of the food. Vacuum cooking has a positive effect on texture too: fish cooked using this method does not fall apart, and even fruit largely retains its crunchy freshness. The Vacuisine method prepares food at low temperatures, achieving a level of tenderness for meat and fish that would be difficult to attain with conventional cooking techniques.