After cooking

For roasted flavour

If you still want your food to have a roasted flavour after sous vide cooking, brown the cooked meat or fish briefly in a hot pan with a bit of oil or on the barbecue. Make sure that you only brown the food very briefly and at a high heat. In professional kitchens, a blowtorch is often used for this purpose: meat cooked in the combi-steam cooker is brushed with a bit of oil and browned, for example in a cold frying pan using the blowtorch.

For a delicious crust on meat

After cooking a fillet of beef or veal with the sous vide method brush the meat with marinade again and place it in the oven or steamer at 180 °C for approx. 2 minutes.

Grilled meat

Vacuisine can also be used for grilling. The meat is cooked in the bag and then only put on the grill for a short time. This enables the perfect cooking time to be applied the meat gains the typical grilled pattern.

Cooking to keep

If you want to keep food cooked with Vacuisine for longer, you should plunge the bag into iced water immediately after cooking.