Some of the best types of coffee in the world are from the mountainous region of East Africa and from the Arabian peninsula. The coffees of this region are so alluring and complex in taste that even coffee connoisseurs will ask who added the mixture of fruits and spices to their coffee. The coffees have intense berry and blossom aromas and are reminiscent of citrus fruits, cocoa and spices.


The wild coffea arabica has its last refuge in Ethiopia, while in other countries it is grown almost exclusively in cultures. All of the approximately 10 billion coffea arabica bushes in the world, be they in Brazil, Kenya, Costa Rica or elsewhere, are descendants of wild plants from Ethiopia.

Even today, the country is a major coffee producer and Africa's biggest exporter. Ethiopian quality coffees have an unmistakeable taste.

Coffea arabica is the most important and noblest among the coffee types, and Ethiopian arabica growing in the wild is among the best available on the world market. Because the wild coffee has only a low yield, an aroma is concentrated in the beans that no other coffee can ever achieve.

Shortberry, Longberry, Yrgacheffe and Harrar are known types from this country.


Coffee from Kenya leaves nothing to be desired. It is known as delightfully aromatic, pleasantly fruity and very balanced in terms of acidity and body.

Its connoisseurs appreciate the elegant ease of its fruity green taste, which sometimes tastes of lemon. What is special is the long-lasting taste in your mouth. It is mostly grown at heights of between 1,500 and 2,100 metres above sea level.

The cultivated areas belong in part to the state. Picking takes place twice a year: the early harvest is between May and July; the main harvest between November and January.


Zimbabwe's coffee plantations are often in the eastern highlands close to the border to Mozambique. The main growing area is near the town of Chipinge.

The coffee features a mild, pure and fruity taste. In terms of taste it is similar to coffee from Kenya, but it's a touch spicier.


Coffee is one of Tanzania's main exports. It is mostly produced by small farmers who have pooled to form cooperatives. Peaberries are cultivated in large quantities.

They say it is very big on flavour. A popular coffee is Chagga AA, which is grown in Moshi, not far from the Kilimanjaro.