The V-ZUG Adora dishwashers

Fast, energy efficient and ergonomic: the new Adora dishwasher range from V-ZUG features redesigned modern control panels, new operating controls and upgraded cutlery baskets – making life even easier.

Adora dishwashers are racing ahead of the rest. Not only are the new, modern designs visually stunning, but the appliances also set themselves apart from the rest with their eco-friendly programmes and record-low energy and water consumption. That is not all, either, as they also wash dishes in record time, for example with the Quick everyday or Party programmes, and the unique patented SteamFinish technology ensures the clean dishes are perfectly clean and sparkling. 

Modern control panel

The new and modern touchscreen display on the V2000, V4000 and V6000 dishwashers shows all the relevant data and text at a glance. So for example the user can view a description for each programme. The panel is robust, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Fully integrated appliances have been updated too: the new FunctionLight now keeps the user informed of the programme status at all times.

New top-notch cutlery baskets

The new dishwasher range makes loading and emptying the dishwasher as ergonomic as possible. The OptiLift feature raises the lower basket to hip level when it is pulled out, for back-friendly loading and emptying, while SoftSlide and SoftClose technologies ensure the baskets slide in and out quietly. V-ZUG – Swiss perfection for your home 2 If necessary, for example if more space is needed for bigger dishes, the cutlery drawer and upper basket can be removed from the dishwasher then replaced after the wash.

Plus X Award winner

An expert panel of representatives from 25 different sectors awarded the new dishwasher range incorporating OptiLift the Plus X seal of approval in the categories of high quality, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology. This prize is presented to brands that focus on developing new, innovative technology, exceptional designs and smart yet straightforward operating concepts.