V6000 Supreme

The WineCooler V6000 Supreme allows users to store, temper and present their cherished wine collection optimally. For a wine experience that embodies excellence.

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Designs available

  • Fully integratable

  • A touch of elegance and sophistication

    Luxurious not only in dimension but also visually and to the touch: The WineCooler V6000 Supreme abundantly features stainless steel, glass and beech wood elements that provide haptic and aesthetic pleasure with every use.
  • Elegant wine display at home

    The flexible beech wood shelves can be pulled out to select a wine bottle, while timer-controlled lighting optimally illuminates the interior. Perfect for serving fine wines and impressing guests.
  • Safe storage for prized wines

    The advanced climate, humidity and vibration control system, triple-layer glass that optimally blocks UV rays, a stainless-steel interior and natural beech wood shelves: The WineCooler V6000 Supreme stands for quality that you can see, feel and taste.
  • 12-hour light mode

    Elegant display lighting

    The timer-controlled lighting subtly illuminates the interior for an elegant and striking display of the wines.

  • Two temperature zones

    Optimally tempered red and white wines

    Two separate climate zones allow users to store all their favourite wines in one appliance. If desired, both zones can be set to the same temperature.

  • SoftTelescope

    Easy access and soft closing

    The shelves can be pulled out for an excellent view of the wine and easy access to bottles. The soft-closing mechanism prevents unwanted vibrations.

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