AdoraWash V2000

The AdoraWash V2000 features all the functions required for gently cleaning clothes, maintaining their look and feel for longer. Designed with attention to every aspect.

Designs available

  • White

  • Intelligent washing made in Switzerland

    These washing machines are developed, engineered and manufactured at our plant in Zug. They are designed to be as intelligent as possible, with innovative programs and sensors ensuring excellent washing results and laundry care.
  • Excellent comfort of use

    The adjustable, pivoting TouchDisplay allows quick and intuitive selection of the ideal washing program. LED lighting illuminates the drum for optimum visibility inside.
  • Silent and smooth operation

    V-ZUG’s exclusive vibration absorbing system compensates for unevenly distributed laundry and reduces vibrations and noise – even during spin cycles. This also lessens wear and tear on the appliance and ensures a longer service life.
  • Quick wash

    Short program durations

    Quick-wash programs allow users to wash their clothes faster – perfect if they want to wash a lot in a short time or need a garment in a hurry.

Product information

Other settings

Degree of soiling / soaking
Hygiene recommendation
Quick wash / end of programme

Further accessories