AdoraWash V6000

The AdoraWash V6000 offers excellent product quality and performance. It features advanced heat pump technology and energy-saving programs, allowing it to achieve an excellent energy efficiency rating. For the most sustainable way to wash laundry.

Designs available

  • White

  • Intelligent washing made in Switzerland

    These washing machines are developed, engineered and manufactured at our plant in Zug. They are designed to be as intelligent as possible, with innovative programs and sensors ensuring excellent washing results and laundry care.
  • Best-in-class water and energy saving

    With Adora washing machines, laundry can be washed conveniently and energy-efficiently at home. The best-in-class appliances minimise energy and water consumption thanks to advanced heat pump technology. The intelligent EcoManagement function shows how much energy and water are being consumed.
  • Gentle care for delicate fabrics

    V-ZUG’s special care drum is particularly gentle on textiles, extending the life of the garments. In addition, the washing programs are designed to ensure optimum care, keeping clothes looking and feeling like new for longer. Among them, WetClean – V-ZUG’s most gentle programme and an unparalleled innovation.
  • Skin care and mite protection

    Special care for sensitive skin

    From extra rinse cycles to a longer main wash: The skin care and mite protection options are designed for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Product information

Other settings

Degree of soiling / soaking
Biological washing
Hygiene recommendation
Quick wash / end of programme