Identification plate


All V-ZUG appliances are fitted with a rating plate. The data on the rating plate serves to clearly identify the design version. The data provides information relating to the electrical connection conditions and the tests that have been passed.

The rating plate can therefore be very useful for all types of enquiries. As a bare minimum, the serial number should always be noted in the operating instructions, which means you always have the number available, even years after the purchase.

The serial number comprises three parts

  • «SN» (formerly FN) as an identifying feature
  • a model number of 3 to 5 digits (e.g. 864)
  • a serial appliance number (e.g. 000621)

All information relating to the appliance, such as delivery, installation, commissioning (warranty card), demonstration, service agreement or troubleshooting, is recorded on an ongoing basis and retrievable at any time using the SN. This is why we always ask for the serial number so that we can provide information or support in the event of an issue relating to an appliance.