These beans are the taste counterpart to the Latin American coffees. They're usually soft, full-bodied with an earthy taste and sometimes a light hint of herbs.


Indian coffee is particularly well known for its special processing method, "monsooning". The harvested beans are exposed to monsoon winds and rain for at least six weeks. The monsoon nature arabicas Mysore and Malabar are pungent, light, spicy and acidic.

Besides in the state of Karnataka, high-quality coffee is also cultivated in Tellichery and Malabar in the state of Kerala, as well as in the southwest and in Nilgeris in the southeastern state of Tamil Nadu.

The taste of Indian coffees is soft, spicy and has a powerful body.

Papua New Guinea

The coffee is grown almost exclusively at heights of 1,300 to 1,800 metres above sea level on small farms which are often buried deep in the forests.

These coffees are the "heavyweights" of the coffee world - in coffee blends they ensure a penetrating, deep and sustained taste.