CombiMiwell V4000

The CombiMiwell V4000 combines microwaving with a powerful grill and forced convection heat to achieve invariably amazing results. Functions such as EasyCook or PizzaPlus simplify the cooking process.
  • Fast and powerful for busy lifes

    Microwaves and combination microwave ovens are designed to meet the requirements of today’s busy lifestyles. They offer all the functions required to quickly and efficiently defrost, reheat or prepare a variety of dishes and foods.
  • Design-forward and discreet

    Featuring a design that is purist, sophisticated and discreet, V-ZUG microwaves and combination microwave ovens optimally integrate with other Excellence Line appliances. Perfect for elegant, design-coordinated kitchen spaces.
  • Intelligent and intuitive

    The expansive user interface and revolutionary CircleSlider take the user experience of Excellence Line products to a new level. It is quick, intuitive and customisable to personal preference. Optimal results are just steps away.