AdoraWash V6000

The AdoraWash V6000 offers excellent product quality and performance. It features advanced heat pump technology and energy-saving programs, allowing it to achieve an excellent energy efficiency rating. For the most sustainable way to wash laundry.

AdoraWash V4000

The AdoraWash V4000 offers high-level features and intelligent programs that make washing laundry both easier and more efficient. The unique steam anti-crease function reduces creases and thus the need for ironing.

AdoraWash V2000

The AdoraWash V2000 features all the functions required for gently cleaning clothes, maintaining their look and feel for longer. Designed with attention to every aspect.
  • Peace of mind with every wash

    V-ZUG’s washing machines keep garments looking and feeling impeccable. They are gentle enough for even the most delicate fabrics and powerful enough to clean even heavily soiled clothes. Every thread receives just the right care.
  • Made in Switzerland

    Our Adora and Unimatic washing machines are developed, engineered and manufactured at our plant in Zug. The elegant appliances are designed to deliver excellent results and have a long service life. What’s more, they offer convenience and continuity our customers can count on.