Sustainability strategy and governance – 2021 Sustainability Report

Sustainability strategy and governance – introduction

Sustainability means more to us than just our environmental footprint: We intend to do our bit to create a sustainable society, and we therefore see sustainability as a holistic concept that includes our entire value chain on a social, ecological and entrepreneurial level.

Key themes and focus topics for 2030 
As the last analysis of the key sustainability themes was several years ago and our company has adopted a new direction in connection with its flotation on the stock market in 2020, we also decided to refine our key sustainability focuses during the course of the reporting year. In 2021, we set specific goals for 2030 based on facts, presenting them in a tangible manner in a roadmap 2025. In the preparatory materiality process, we consulted 68 representatives of the key V-ZUG stakeholders. 

Materiality matrix

The new materiality matrix highlighted four key focuses, which we subsequently consolidated in the form of guiding focus topics:

  • Products and services for a sustainable society 
  • Healthy and dedicated employees
  • Environmental and climate protection 
  • Entrepreneurship fostering sustainable prosperity 

For us, the “Products and services for a sustainable society” focus topic has become even more important here. In addition to the theme of "circular product design”, it encompasses the topic of “sustainable consumption and healthy eating”. We want to provide users with even more circular and energy-efficient appliances and help them – in a simple and attractive way – to use them in a more environmentally-friendly manner.

Dynamic thanks to and with governance
At V-ZUG, we know that, despite being strongly rooted in the DNA and the culture of the organisation, sustainability does not develop spontaneously. Our Head of Sustainability reports directly to the CEO and heads up an interdisciplinary working group – the “V-ZUG Sustainability Workforce”. The motivated team of representatives from the different departments drives the strategic and organisational commitment forwards, identifying possible future-oriented projects. In 2021, the team played a significant role in the materiality and goal-setting processes, among other things.

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals
As a company, we make a contribution to the UN's global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In 2020, we joined the Swiss Triple Impact (STI) initiative and identified the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were of priority to us. Many of our sustainability goals are directly or indirectly linked to the SDGs. As a result, we will present certain goals within the framework of the STI initiative, thereby ensuring broader visibility.