V-ZUG News 2022

Recordings New V-ZUG products for 2022

We would like to offer you an in-depth look at our highlights for this year.
Find out all about our new products in the product-specific short films.


CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam

The new CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam from the Excellence Line is the fastest combi-steam cooker on the market, combining the hot air, steam and microwave oven operating modes. Food is prepared in record time using this appliance. For example, potatoes can be steamed 30 % faster and up to 40 % less time is required to regenerate any type of food without the risk of it drying out. 

Advanced Line ovens

The new Advanced Line ovens maintain the same high standard of quality, deliver better performance at lower costs and boast modern, superior materials – for even greater convenience and perfect cooking results. The front glass of the V600 appliances now comes in two attractive colours. The Nero glass design is a timeless classic that can be integrated into any kitchen. The new White glass design conveys a sense of peace and harmony in bright kitchens. The V400 ovens now feature the popular clock and timer function.


Microwave ovens to meet all requirements


New Excellence Line product range

The new combination microwave ovens from the Excellence Line are available at both the V4000 and V2000 convenience levels. The revolutionary CircleSlider on the large touch display is used to operate the appliances intuitively. With Black or Platinum mirror glass fronts, they seamlessly blend into any kitchen and are easily combined with steamer, oven, automatic built-in coffee machine or WineCooler. The CombiMiwell V4000 has new applications and combi modes for heating and baking. The new Excellence Line microwaves can be networked as standard and offer a whole host of benefits in combination with the V-ZUG app. 

New Advanced Line product range

The new Miwell V600 is a top-quality standard product with TouchControl and single slider control for easy operation. The new appliance has an additional 12 litres of oven capacity and a larger turntable than the previous model. The streamlined, minimalist design language creates a modern aesthetic. The Nero and White glass designs are easily integrated into any kitchen. 



The CombiCookTop product range (formerly Fusion) features induction hobs that have a range hood, which is incorporated into the hob. The vapours are extracted directly from where they are created. The two flexible cooking zones of the CombiCookTop V4000 (ZoneFlex induction) automatically recognise the size and position of the pan. The graphic touch display allows for intuitive operation. The CombiCookTop V4000 has been adapted to the design of the Excellence Line and can be combined with all appliances of this generation.


ZoneFlex induction technology

The new ZoneFlex induction technology offers a new kind of flexibility when cooking. Each of the two cooking zones is equipped with four ZoneFlex induction coils. These coils automatically recognise the size and position of the pan and join to form a bridge without any manual intervention from the user. Each cooking zone can thus be used as a single larger surface, e.g. for a roasting tin, or in the normal way for two pans. The flexible cooking zones feature is available with our new CookTop V4000 and CombiCookTop V4000 appliances.

CookTop V2000 I604

With its solid features and attractive price point, the new CookTop V2000 I604 is the perfect entry-level induction hob. 

WineCooler V4000 90

The new WineCooler V4000 90, with its quintessential design and lifestyle-oriented features, will help create that wine cellar feeling in your own kitchen. The racks can be pulled out to remove a wine bottle, or can be positioned at an angle to
better display the contents. The WineCooler V4000 90 is part of the Excellence Line. The sophisticated front design means it can be seamlessly combined with oven, steamer or automatic built-in coffee machine. Thanks to its TouchOpen functionality, the new handleless wine cooler is particularly convenient to use and blends seamlessly into kitchens without handles.

Unimatic washing machines & tumble dryers

Unimatic washing machines and tumble dryers now feature a black film on the facing. This creates a high contrast with the new white lettering, making it easier to read. Easy-to-follow pictograms and descriptions help the customer to operate the appliances without having to refer to a manual. Additional design modifications create an attractive look. All Unimatic appliances now come with drum lighting. Matching the design changes made to the Unimatic appliances, the cashier systems – CardSystem and CoinSystem – also have a fresh new look.