Redefining brilliance

Redefining brilliance

For more than 100 years, V-ZUG has been developing products that epitomise Swiss craftsmanship, always striving to make brilliant design even better. The Adora dishwasher exemplifies this commitment to continuous improvement, with new and enhanced features such as remarkably flexible baskets.

  • Professional results easily achieved at home

    Professional chefs originally used steam technology to achieve perfect textures while retaining the natural flavour and colour of food. The fine balance of humidity and temperature helps preserve both nutrients and sensory properties. A very precise and gentle way of cooking.
  • Perfectly integrated into any kitchen

    The minimal design of the Excellence Line appliances integrates seamlessly into kitchens, providing a subtle presence with their aesthetics while offering the flexibility of style to work in any interior design setting from a modern loft to a Victorian terrace.

  • A user experience both intelligent and intuitive

    The CircleSlider and expansive user interface of V-ZUG’s ovens revolutionise the user experience of the Excellence Line products. It is quick, intuitive and customisable to personal preferences. In short: a user experience that impresses.

V‑ZUG service team – committed to assist you.

We work hard every day to ensure your satisfaction with our products and to provide you with the best service. With more than 600 service experts around the world, we are here for you throughout all steps of your journey with V‑ZUG.

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