Whipbird, a home that blends in with nature

Nestled in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, in Australia, Whipbird is a 5-bedroom home developed by Zerni, one of the country’s most acclaimed property developers. Designed by a team of outstanding architects, it features the work of some of the world’s best interior design firms, including V-ZUG.

Whipbird was designed to establish a unique dialogue with nature. Brutalist in style, this 5-bedroom home extends on two levels and across two different wings, with landscaped terraces that offer breathtaking views of the coast and the hinterland. Raw and essential, the interior design enhances the materials, conveying a feeling of visual silence.

Part of the Excellence Line, V-ZUG’s Combi Steamer V6000 Power Steam seamlessly integrates into the kitchen, as if it were designed specifically for Whipbird. Engraved into the glass, the Circle Slider is not only an intuitive and high-resolution touch display, but also an aesthetic feature that stands out in the house’s minimalist design.

“Whipbird is one of those residencies that really resets the benchmark for what is wonderful architecture and how design can effect positive change in your life.” David Hartikainen, Head of Interiors at Space Furniture

Copyright photography: Timothy Kaye

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