WarmingDrawer V4000

The warming drawer gently warms plates and cups before serving and keeps food at the desired temperature. Convenient food preparation options extend the drawers’ spectrum of functionality.

Drawer V2000

This kitchen drawer with dedicated storage space for trays, racks and utensils helps home chefs keep their worktops clean and free of clutter. The drawer’s design and finish match the mirror glass fronts on other V-ZUG appliances. For seamless integration into the existing kitchen environment.

680 - 820 CHF

VacuDrawer V6000 14

The VacuDrawer V6000 vacuum seals foods for sous-vide cooking, portioning, preserving, storing and marinating. For a chef-like culinary experience.
  • A chef-level culinary experience

    Vacuum sealing is the first step in sous-vide cooking. V-ZUG’s vacuum drawer optimally prepares the food for this technique by removing air and thus oxygen, creating an air-tight seal. It allows home chefs to achieve perfect textures and intense flavours for a restaurant-level culinary experience.
  • Seamless, simple, sophisticated

    V-ZUG kitchen drawers optimally complement the aesthetics and functions of our other appliances. The mirror glass design is available in different colours, and the fully integrated version blends in seamlessly with the kitchen environment. Sophisticated TouchControl operation and simple push/pull opening make the vacuum drawers and warming drawers a stunning addition to handleless kitchens.
  • The art of hosting rethought

    Hosting guests becomes a magnificent experience with V-ZUG’s warming drawers. Plated food can be kept warm in the drawer until ready to serve, and cups can be pre-warmed to serve an espresso at exactly the right temperature.

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