Swiss. Born in Zug in 1913, this is where we design, create and manufacture products that bring simplicity to your home and inspiration to your kitchen. Today and for the years to come.

As a company, when the brand name coincides with that of the location in which you operate, you feel a mix of pride and responsibility. For the community you are part of and for your impact on people and resources. We are here to stay. And committed to keep investing.

  • Industrial craftsmanship

    Switzerland is renowned for its heritage in craftsmanship. Keeping true to this tradition, precision in design and engineering is essential to us. Blending skilled workmanship and high-tech production techniques in our facilities in Zug and Sulgen, ensures this becomes tangible in all our products.

  • Carbon neutral since 2020

    How do you become carbon neutral? We source an ever-increasing proportion of our energy from renewable resources, invest in new, more efficient production lines and our V-Forest reforestation programme offsets any residual emissions.

The new era of urban manufacturing

The new era of urban manufacturing

V-ZUG’s TechCluster Zug epitomises contemporary urban manufacturing rooted in the past.

  • Committed to Swiss production

    V-ZUG develops and manufactures most of its products in Switzerland. We made a choice to stay here. To ensure we are fit for the future, we are part of a visionary and nearly utopian urban manufacturing project: Tech Cluster Zug. Aiming for state-of-the-art manufacturing and reducing the industrial footprint led us to build up our own vertical factory and even build a multi-energy hub.

  • Sulgen, the most modern cooling plant in Europe

    Our presence in Switzerland goes beyond Zug. We are proud to have opened 2022 the most modern European cooling factory in Sulgen. Both products and processes are committed to being as sustainable as possible. May it be on the appliance's energy efficiency or the carbon neutrality of production.