General Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. General information V-ZUG AG provides its supplies and services in Switzerland on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. General terms and conditions of sale of the customer are not applicable, not even if the customer refers to such terms and conditions.

Amendments and supplements to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale must be made in writing.

Purchase orders accepted by V-ZUG AG are subject to change. The contract with the customer does not come into existence until the written purchase order confirmation from V-ZUG AG has been received.

2. Scope of supplies and services Supplies and services are conclusively listed in the purchase order confirmation and subject to model changes that may occur between the conclusion of the contract and the delivery.

3. Advertising brochures and catalogues Information in brochures and catalogues is not binding. Information in technical documentation is binding only if expressly guaranteed.

4. Prices The prices stated in the written purchase order confirmation are fixed prices, delivery prepaid to domicile specialised dealer.

The customer is responsible for the distribution of delivered machines to different floors and apartments.

Surcharges for express shipments will be invoiced separately. For shipments of less than CHF 250.00 V-ZUG AG will invoice a small order surcharge of CHF 15.00, excl. possible surcharges for express shipments.

5. Transport and packaging Standardised containers and pallets must be replaced upon receipt of the goods or returned delivery prepaid to V-ZUG AG. Otherwise, their cost will be charged to the customer. Non-standardised packaging for customised products cannot be returned and will be charged to the customer at cost.

Packaging materials will be taken back in conjunction with a delivery, provided that they are clean and separated according to materials.

6. Delivery dates Delivery dates are indicative only. Delivery dates may be postponed accordingly in the event of obstacles that V-ZUG AG is unable to prevent in spite of due care.

Failure to meet delivery times and dates does not constitute the right to claim damages.

7. Payment terms Invoices of V-ZUG AG are payable no later than by the 30th day after the date of the invoice.

If the customer fails to meet the stipulated payment terms, interest on arrears will be payable from the due date on without further warning.

8. Customised products Tools and equipment remain the property of V-ZUG AG, even if the costs are borne by the buyer, and will be retained at no charge for a period of 5 years for subsequent purchase orders. If no further purchase orders are placed during this period, the tools will be disposed of after consultation.

Unless otherwise mutually agreed, quantities are expressly subject to minor deviations (overage or underage).

If V-ZUG AG is required to supply items according to drawings, models or samples provided by the customer, the customer is responsible for ensuring that no third-party industrial property rights are violated by this and therefore for all damages that V-ZUG AG could incur as a result of violation of third-party rights.

All oral, telephone or telegraphic agreements require a confirmation in writing to be valid.

9. Retention of title V-ZUG AG retains ownership of the goods it supplies (especially consignment goods) until paid in full. The customer authorises V-ZUG AG to enter the ownership in the official register and fulfil all related formalities.

10. Transfer of benefits and risks Benefits and risks are transferred to the customer upon the departure of the shipment from the warehouse of V-ZUG AG.

11. Returns Returns are accepted only upon prior agreement. In the event that previously delivered goods are returned V-ZUG AG reserves the right to deduct at least 10% of the value of the goods, depending upon their condition.

Machines sold more than a year prior will be credited only if unused and at a price to be determined by V-ZUG AG.

The cost of the return transport will be borne by the customer.

12. Inspection and acceptance The customer must inspect supplies and services provided by V-ZUG AG within 5 business days and promptly notify V-ZUG AG of any defects in writing. Otherwise, supplies and services are deemed to be accepted, subject to any hidden defects.

13. Warranty The warranty period is 24 months. It begins upon the installation of the machine at the end user’s location, but no later than one year after delivery of the machine.

If inspected in due time and upon prompt notification V-ZUG AG is obligated only to subsequent rectification of defects within a reasonable time period, excluding the right of rescission of sale and reduction of purchase price and with the waiver of the customer to claim additional damages.

For replaced or repaired parts, the warranty period begins to run again for 12 months as of the replacement or the completion of repair.

If the machine to be repaired is located at a place which is not accessible by the service vehicles of V-ZUG AG, the warranty is limited to the extent that additional travel expenses, such as transports by mountain railway or helicopter are invoiced separately.

Excluded from the warranty and liability of V-ZUG AG are damages which were not caused by inferior materials or defective workmanship, e.g. due to normal wear and tear (wearing parts), improper installation, faulty maintenance, failure to comply with the operating instructions or operating requirements, intervention by unauthorised parties, use of spare parts other than original spare parts from V-ZUG AG, as well as force majeure or other reasons for which V-ZUG AG is not responsible.

14. Product safety laws and traceability If over the course of the product lifetime of the delivered goods an actual or potential risk to personal safety or a health hazard should arise which is caused by a product defect, the customer is obligated to effectively cooperate with V-ZUG AG to remove such risk or hazard. According to the Swiss Product Safety Act (PrSG) in effect, customers are obligated, in particular, to ensure full traceability of delivered goods. V-ZUG AG has the right to inspect the customer’s compliance by suitable means and upon written advance notice.

15. Exclusion of additional liability With respect to defective supplies and services, the customer only has the rights expressly specified in section 13.

Any additional claims of the customer, especially claims for damages, reduction of purchase price or rescission of contract, which are not expressly specified, are excluded. The customer is not entitled, in any case, to claim damages which have not occurred on the delivered item itself, such as loss of production, loss of orders, lost profits, and other direct or indirect damages. This is subject to the mandatory provisions of the Swiss Product Liability Act.

16. Trademark rights V-ZUG AG has the exclusive rights to all trademarks, logos, photos, and texts in connection with products of V-ZUG AG in tradeshow, promotional and POS materials and in brochures, flyers and similar documents.

The provision of such materials is subject to the condition that the dealer acknowledges these rights.

17. Change of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale V-ZUG AG reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions of Sale without notice.

18. Jurisdiction and applicable law The contractual relationship is governed by the substantive laws of Switzerland, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods of 11 April 1980 and amendments thereto.

The courts of Zug have jurisdiction for both parties. V-ZUG AG may also bring action before the competent courts of the customer’s place of business/residence. Consumer contracts are subject to the mandatory legal venues.

Zug, January 2019