AdoraDish V4000

A versatile all-rounder with flexibility for large dishes and special fine glass stemware cradles. It is available in standard or extra-height models and an integrated or fully-integrated design.

2650 - 3880 CHF

AdoraDish V2000

Designed for everyday use, AdoraDish V2000 includes interior lighting and 2 new energy saving functions. It is available in standard or extra-height models and an integrated or fully-integrated design.

2200 - 2770 CHF

AdoraDish V6000 with heat pump

Best-in-class energy efficiency and exceptional functionality for washing large baking dishes or even fine wine glasses. Smooth motion baskets and new innovative programs ensure special care for every dish.

AdoraDish V6000

Superb in design and operation, AdoraDish V6000 has new innovative programs and smooth motion baskets to cradle even fine wine glasses. When fully integrated, it is available as a standard or extra-height model.

3600 - 4700 CHF

  • Clean-lined, contemporary, clever

    Adora dishwashers are the result of an extensive development and design process. Clean lines and bare surfaces bespeak V-ZUG’s minimal and elegant aesthetic. The cleverly and carefully designed interior features high-quality silver-metallic baskets that take comfort and flexibility to unprecedented heights. A premium experience that can be seen and felt.
  • Delicate tableware, expertly stored

    Designed to provide a refined feel, the baskets securely hold dishes, pans and cups. Delicate cutlery has its own removable drawer, while precious wine glasses are securely held in place by large, multifunctional cup rests. High-quality materials and features such as SoftSlide and SoftClose ensure a high-end experience – with the added convenience of interior lighting for excellent visibility.
  • Designed for sustainability and impressive results

    For decades, V-ZUG has been committed to developing products that are not only designed to last but also best-in-class in terms of energy and water consumption. The Adora dishwashers lead the way with their ability to deliver perfect results thanks to precise engineering and curated programs that use extremely few resources.
  • Pure steam for the perfect finishing touch

    The patented SteamFinish program is the result of V-ZUG’s steam expertise. By harnessing the gentle power of steam in the drying cycle, water stains are reduced to a minimum. For crystal-clear glasses, spotless cutlery and improved drying results.

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