Consultation services: Individual advice, in our showrooms, online or at home

Choosing the right product for your home is not always an easy task. Our consultation team is here to help you identify the right appliance for your needs. May it be in one of our V‑ZUG locations or via video call. Once your appliance is delivered and installed we are here to help you familiarise yourself with it and make the best of your V‑ZUG experience.

Book your expert advice – online or at our ZUGORAMAs

Would you like to experience our brand, see our appliances live and take advantage of receiving personal advice on site? Or do you prefer to learn everything you need to know about us and our appliances in an online video call? The choice is yours.

ZUGORAMAs near you

Experience the inspiring world of V‑ZUG at our ZUGORAMAs and receive personal advice from our experts.

Replacing your appliance

Would you like a new V-ZUG appliance? We're more than happy to visit you at home and carry out a free. You can book an appointment with a V-ZUG Service specialist online, or contact our hotline 0800 850 850.

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