V-ZUG extended warranty. By your side for the long run.

We strive to provide our customers with exceptional service, in the most sustainable way. That's why customers receive an extended guarantee on every appliance. That's Swiss perfection for your home.

Together for a more sustainable future

With the new CO2 webshop, V-ZUG is offering customers the opportunity to easily offset these emissions and thus make a contribution to combating climate change. 

V-ZUG warranty provisions

Two-year warranty  For each V‑ZUG appliance, you get two years' warranty from the date of first use.

What is covered? This warranty covers material faults and manufacturing defects, and includes the free resolution of such defects within the warranty period. It includes the costs of working time and travel time as well as replacement materials. The warranty benefits may be provided in the form of repairs, an equal-cost replacement or the reimbursement of the purchase price, at V‑ZUG's discretion. Any additional claims are excluded.

Where is the warranty applicable?  The warranty only applies in the country in which the appliance was purchased, and on condition that either V‑ZUG or an authorized V‑ZUG service centre provides servicing in this country. If appliances are taken to other countries, problems may arise due to technical circumstances (e.g. mains voltage, frequency) or due to the climatic or environmental conditions in the country in question. We therefore reserve the right to decline the provision of warranties for appliances that are not authorized in the relevant country.

What is excluded?  This warranty does not cover damage that arises after manufacturing, such as damage in transit or as the result of improper assembly or installation, improper use, misuse, inadequate maintenance, natural wear and tear, external influences, force majeure or other reasons for which V‑ZUG AG is not responsible. Interventions by service centres that are not authorized by V‑ZUG and the use of non-original replacement parts render this warranty null and void. This warranty does not affect any contractual or legal claims against the seller of the appliance. Non-use or under-use of the appliance does not result in an entitlement to extend the warranty.

Valid as of 1 June 2014