Fluxus – an installation by Elisa Ossino and Stefano Roveda

Elisa Ossino and Stefano Roveda curated an interactive art installation exploring the concept of circularity. On show at V-ZUG’s soon-to-open studio in the heart of Milan, the experiential artwork is inspired by the 65th anniversary of the iconic Adora washing machine. It represents the company's relentless activities to achieve a truly circular economy.

An immersive exhibition exploring the concept of circularity

By taking advantage of hi-tech immersive and interactive video technologies, visitors are drawn into a short journey inside a metaphoric and abstract universe, designed to naturally turn spectators into actors, participating in a collective action extended over time.  The Fluxus installation stands for V-ZUG’s conviction that a sustainable future requires a collective effort.

Designing for a circular future

Longevity, repairability, recyclability

Participating in a circular economy means understanding the life cycle of a product. At V-ZUG, all of the parts involved in the production and use of a product are assessed in terms of longevity, repairability and recyclability. The aim of a circular economy is to keep the resources in the loop for as long as possible at the highest attainable value. And when that is no longer feasible, it should be able to be repaired and eventually recycled before the constituent materials are fed back into the system. V-ZUG works with designers, suppliers, manufacturers and customers to ensure that this is the case for all of its high precision products. 

While manufacturers play a key role in building a circular economy, it can only be completed by a product’s user. Here are three ways that V-ZUG works with its customers to achieve this.

Eco-programming and care

A large part of a product’s environmental footprint stems from the customer way of usage. To reduce this, V-ZUG offers eco-settings that work efficiently and, in the case of its washing machines, provide excellent care for even the most delicate of garments, ensuring that they have a long life too.

Offsetting consumption

V-ZUG’s production might be carbon neutral but its wares create emissions when used. To mitigate this, V-ZUG calculates the expected emissions of a product’s lifetime usage and invites customers to contribute to a reforestation and compensation effort when purchasing a product.

Buying second cycle

V-ZUG’s second cycle shop will soon offer certified pre-owned products. The goal is to use resources as long and efficiently as possible.