Sustainability. We see it as a driving force in the development of our products, the services we provide, how we manufacture and contribute to a future-fit society.

  • People

    Our commitment to our people and area is paramount and constantly invested in. The well-being of employees, customers and society at large is a driving force for the ambitious changes we’re pursuing.

  • Planet

    We make highly sustainable appliances, as efficiently as possible. We are tightening the circular economy and have been carbon neutral in production since 2020, preferring to achieve first and talk about it second.

  • Profit

    Our success is built upon quality, design and durability. These values are also reflected in the projects we undertake. They are not geared towards short-term profit maximisation, but rather towards safeguarding the future of our company for generations to come.

Circular economy

For us, a sustainable product begins with its development. It is at this early stage that we can have the most influence on its ‘lifelong’ sustainability. We focus on elements including the durability and repairability of the appliances, low energy and water consumption in use, material choice and a modular design to enhance circularity.

We are responsible for our products - and this throughout their entire life cycle. We know the upstream value chain and audit our suppliers regularly - also with regard to selected sustainability criteria. We show our customers how they can use their equipment in a resource-conserving way and we take responsibility for optimal and environmentally friendly disposal or recycling.

Download our sustainability report

Information concerning the measurable aspects of our activities can be found in the detailed report.